Name: Drummoyne Reservoir
Location: Sydney Harbour, New South Wales, Australia

The Drummoyne Reservoir (WS0038) is one of a group of four elevated steel water supply service reservoirs built between 1910 and 1915 as part of the Sydney metropolitan water supply system. It served as a storage and balance reservoir for Drummoyne from 1913 to c.1965 and was formally disconnected from the system in 1994.

The reservoir is listed as a heritage item on the NSW State Heritage Register.

In 2007 an updated Conservation Management Plan (CMP) was prepared to provide guidelines for the future conservation, adaptation and new use of the building.  This was followed in 2020 with the provision of heritage advice, a schedule of conservation works, and a Statement of Heritage Impact for the adaptation of the building for use as an early learning centre in such a way that ensured the retention of the overall form, configuration and detailing of the Reservoir (tank and tower).  A challenging project that sought to find a compatible, long term use for this former public asset.


Photograph reproduced from Sydney Water Corporation’s Official Handbook, 1913