Name: Snapper Island
Location: Sydney Harbour, New South Wales, Australia

Snapper Island is a small island in Sydney Harbour owned by the Commonwealth of Australia and included on the Commonwealth Heritage List. It is located near Birkenhead Point, Drummoyne. It was established in 1931 as a Training Depot for the Navy League in NSW and is unique for its modified landform, conception as a ship, and a number of surviving rare building types.

This Conservation Management Plan (CMP) was commissioned by the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust as part of its review of planning options. It builds on the 2001 Preliminary Heritage Study by Clive Lucas Stapleton & Partners, and gives a detailed analysis of the significance of the island, site features and contents of the place. The conservation policies sought to strike the delicate balance between preserving the weather-worn patina and lively social history of the site with the Trust’s objectives to make the island safe and attractive for public access.

Photograph courtesy of the Mitchell Library, State Library of NSW Home & Away – 18505