Name: Glenfield
Location: Casula, New South Wales, Australia

Glenfield is one of the most intact houses of the Macquarie period (1810 to 1821).  Not only does the house survive but so to does its principal outbuildings: privy, dairy / bakehouse and stables / coach house.  It is, as well, perhaps the oldest extant example in Australia of the decorative cottage form.

This Conservation Management Plan was based on documentary research and a detailed physical analysis of the property. It was prepared to accompany the planned sale of Glenfield for private occupation and to guide future owners as to the appropriate use and maintenance of the buildings and grounds.

The report is presented in two parts. Part 1 provides a summary history and physical analysis of the place, an assessment and statement of heritage significance, an outline of opportunities and constraints, and general policies for the use of Glenfield. Part II was formulated as a ‘user’s manual’ and offers specific advice on the upkeep of the place.