Name: The Tenements
Location: Nos. 30 – 42 Lower Fort Street & Nos. 2 – 4 Trinity Avenue, Millers Point

LSJ have prepared numerous CMPs for properties located throughout Millers Point as part of the transfer from public to private ownership.  These include Milton Terrace, Lower Fort Street; the Steven’s Building, Windmill Street; the former Shipwright’s Arms, Windmill Street and the Vernon Flats, Lower Fort Street and Trinity Avenue.

The Vernon Flats consist of a group of nine, interconnected, three-storey, residential flat buildings containing a total of 33 individual flats.  Constructed in c1910 to designs by Edward Lambert Drew, first assistant architect, and countersigned by Government Architect Walter Liberty Vernon, they were initially built as “working-men’s dwellings”. Other similar residential flat buildings were also built on High Street, Windmill Street, Gloucester Street and Cumberland Street.

The conservation management plan provided a detailed history of the buildings, along with conservation policies to guide the eventual adaptation of the flats for either commercial uses or residences suitable for modern living.

Photograph: The Tenements, Nos. 30-42 Lower Fort Street and 2-4 Trinity Avenue, Millers Point.  Source: County of Cumberland Planning Scheme, 1948