Name: Hyde Park Barracks
Location: Hyde Park Barracks, New South Wales, Australia

Hyde Park Barracks was constructed in 1817-1819 as a convict barrack at the instigation of Governor Macquarie to the design of Francis Greenway.  Today the place is comprised of the original barracks building enclosed by a complex of buildings and perimeter walls.  Restored in the late 20th century, the Hyde Park Barracks is open to the public as a museum, managed by Museums of History NSW.

In 2010, the place was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List as part of a serial listing for eleven individual sites comprising the Australian Convict Sites.

The World Heritage Listing required the preparation of a CMP and in 2018 the firm prepared the first heritage report commissioned to investigate the physical fabric of Hyde Park Barracks in its entirety together with the archaeology and the assemblage and to attempt to summarise the findings of the most significant historical and heritage studies undertaken to date in order to offer a more comprehensive evaluation of the significance of the place.

Photograph: 1871 photograph of Hyde Park Barracks, courtesy of Museums of History NSW (Sydney Living Museums)