The Australian Museum

Name: The Australian Museum
Location: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

The Australian Museum, first constructed in 1846 and added to by successive Colonial and NSW Government Architects into the late 20th century, is the largest and most intact 19th century cultural complex in Australia. It is the permanent, purpose-built home of the largest natural history collection in the country. In addition to its important collection, the museum site encompasses the impressive sandstone buildings, a number of very fine and intact 19th century interiors and much purpose-made furniture and fittings. The museum site also contains the earliest extant purpose-built National School in the Sydney area which was used for educational purposes for over 120 years.

This report is an updated version of the Conservation Analysis and Guidelines prepared for the Australian Museum by Clive Lucas Stapleton and Partners in 1997 in order to inform master planing for the whole museum site.